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Important Of Drone Photography & Video For Real Estate

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Jordan Kearney

Gone are the days real estate agents would rely on stand alone images of a property to show off its best assets. Tech savvy agents are turning to military created technology to make listings come alive in a competitive market, and cater to buyers’ growing appetite for more than just raw specifications.

Owner occupiers want to learn about the neighbourhood their potential home sits within as much as they want to know about the property itself. Aerial motion photography can illustrate in seconds important factors like proximity to amenities, schools, major transport, and the general feel of an area (is it covered in trees, or industrial buildings?).

Video can sell lifestyle in a way that static images can’t and can be an important tool for buyers working hard to find the best lifestyle for their budget.

Premium properties that boast large blocks or million dollar views can also be appreciated in more dimensions using drones to capture the full picture. And the rise of video popularity online means a property in the spotlight is likely to reach an even wider audience through YouTube and social media.

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